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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro-14.43cm (5.7 inches) Full HD sAMOLED

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro-beauty and the beast



Samsung galaxy c7 pro


b) 5.7 inch Super AMOLED Display
c) 3300 mAH Battery
d) 4 GB of RAM
e) EXtremely Stunning Design
f) S Power Planning Mode
g) Gorilla Glass 4 Protection
h) Full Charge in 100 minutes


Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro


—] Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro-This mobile has a 16 Mega Pixel front facing camera WITHOUT LED FLASH. The front facing camera is EXCELLENT and you will not have ANY COMPLAINT in future regarding it.

—] Comparing the QUALITY of the PRIMARY 16 Mega Pixel Samsung’s camera to OnePlus’s 16 Mega Pixel Camera, their is NOT MUCH of a difference if you see the images of both the smartphones on a SEPARATE MONITOR and not on smartphone’s own display because if you have previously used a Samsung’s HIGH-END SMARTPHONE, you must be knowing that display wise, their is NOTHING that can beat Samsung’s AMOLED Displays. Thus, the quality of Samsung’s photos look BETTER than that of Oneplus’ 3T on Samsung’s screen.

—] The above case is for pictures taken in FULL HD and not in 4K as you CAN’T CLICK 4K images with Samsung C7 Pro. Also, their is just a little bit MORE of CONTRAST and SATURATION in Samsung’s photos which depends on the VIEWER whether he likes a bit more saturated images or not. I personally LOVE IT!

—] Samsung’s Camera LOSES in terms of video recording. One Plus’s Camera can shoot 4K videos and has OPTICAL & ELECTRICAL IMAGE STABILISATION while Samsung just gave Full HD Recording WITHOUT OIS and EIS. So, it’s really a LET DOWN from Samsung!

—] Overall, One Plus 3T has a BETTER CAMERA because it has capability to shoot 4K Videos and Images. In Full HD shooting, Samsung’s Camera is a bit BETTER than that of One Plus’s 3T.


(ii) SCREEN-

—] This headset comes with a 5.7 inch FULL HD AMOLED display with 386 pixels per inch which is SUFFICIENT for GAMING AND DAILY USAGE and the screen DOES NOT feel PIXELATED or LESS CRISPY at all. If you are into VIRTUAL REALITY, you will have an AVERAGE EXPERIENCE as you too might be knowing that FULL HD SCREEN(of any mobile phone) will NOT BE CRYSTAL CLEAR and SHARP whatever the price range of the smartphone be.

—] The SCREEN is THE BEST whether you talk about CONTRAST, SATURATION, BLACK LEVELS etc. It comes with a GORILLA GLASS 4 PROTECTION which can be seen in One Plus 3T also. Therefore, your screen is SAFE & PROTECTED

—] I don’t think I have much to say about the screen after calling it “THE BEST”!



—] The phone’s APPEARANCE has little-little detailing around camera lens, near the physical buttons etc. which makes the METALLIC UNI BODY DESIGN more UNIQUE than the others. The FEEL that you get when you HOLD THIS PHONE or the way it APPEALS to you when it sits at your desk is PREMIUM.

—] Though, One Plus 3T also has a VERY-VERY good design but I PERSONALLY like the design of C7 Pro more than One Plus 3T. This is the best Samsung smartphone in terms of designing after that of S6, S7 and Note 7. The phone really is VERY LEAN. Period.

—] Overall, the mobile weighs 170g which is SLIGHTLY HEAVY than MANY other smartphones. One Plus 3T weighs 158g only but you WILL NOT FEEL the extra 12g of weight. Touchwiz UI of C7 Pro is one of the best UI’s available and comes preloaded with small-small detailing you can see in Xiaomi UI. Even if you do not like the UI, it is an Android compatible mobile phone and you can CUSTOMIZE it THE WAY YOU WANT TO and even replace the original OS completely. Any day.

SOFTWARE : 10/10


—] This headset comes with a 3300 mAH BATTERY which can last 0.75 DAY if you are a HEAVY USER and Net Surfer. For NORMAL users like me, it lasts for an average of 1.5 DAYS EASILY with 10% Battery STILL LEFT!

—] And Yes, it does support QUICK CHARGING. It comes with a USB Type-C PORT which is NOT A PROBLEM BUT AN ADVANTAGE as the FUTURE OF CHARGING GADGETS IS USB Type-C! Come On!

—] The SPEAKERS are OKAY-OKAY in bass but are CLEAR and LOUD. It has 3.5 mm JACK too so don’t feel your OLD WIRED EARPHONES are of no use now but the earphones are placed at the BOTTOM of the device. EARPHONES ARE INCLUDED IN THE BOX.

—] PERFORMANCE WISE, the phone NEVER HANGED OR LAGGED in my DAILY USAGE and HARDCORE MULTI TASKING and switching between HEAVY GAMES and APPS was a PIECE OF CAKE for the processor! I ASSURE you that performance will NOT BE A PROBLEM in future as the combination of CPU(Snapdragon 626), GPU(Adreno 506) and RAM(4 GB) is more enough to handle all that extra pressure.

—] But, comparing it with One Plus 3T, Samsung’s C7 Pro LOOSES THE RACE. One Plus 3T comes with top-notch SNAPDRAGON 821 and in front of it, SNAPDRAGON 626 is like a “Phussi Bum”. As mentioned, Snapdragon 626 with 4GB RAM is still sufficient, but as it goes, “THE MORE THE MERRIER!”. C7 Pro comes with an internal memory of 64 GB which CAN BE EXPANDED via micro SD card. It is a DUAL SIM phone with VoLTE Support.



—] If you will purchase this mobile, then you will SURELY AGREE with me that the little-little DETAILING in the design, with its being so SLIM & SLEEK, makes the DESIGN LOOK VERY BEAUTIFUL and as I earlier told, IS THE BEST after Samsung’s S6, S7 and Note 7 design.



—] It is a VERY TOUGH DECISION TO MAKE BETWEEN ONE PLUS 3T and SAMSUNG C7 PRO and I think it TOTALLY DEPENDS UPON YOU! If the design and Samsung’s Trust, Name and Fame is what MAINLY matters for you and you are a NORMAL/BASIC user and CAN ACCEPT the fact that it DOES NOT SHOOT in 4K, then you SHOULD buy Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro.

—] But, if you want the BEST & TOP-NOTCH quality technology which is THE BEST TILL DATE in PERFORMANCE and other things are of less significance for you, then you SHOULD BUY OnePlus 3T.

—] As far as who wins in the end, as said, it depends on you. I PERSONALLY like DANGAL a bit more than SULTAN but am a HUGE SALMAN FAN ALSO!

—] In terms of AFTER SALES SERVICE, Samsung, Apple, One-Plus,etc., are the best and you will not face any issue from their side.

OnePlus 3T : 10/10
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro : 9.2/10

—] Thank You for reading the review. Again, if you forgot reading this above, you can APPRECIATE my hard work of writing this review by pressing the button given below(You know that button, don’t you). The left one LOVES you and is WAITING for your click. The right one HATES you, so why go there? And, YOU will have a GOOD DAY ahead, so DON’T WORRY(Really)!


Some Useful reviews

In this segment – it is the most powerful phone. A definite 4.5 out of 5 – Twitter star Gabbar Singh

C7 Pro has one of the best screens in the segment. Also, despite 95+ apps, the phone shows no lag or slowdown because of the 4GB RAM. A 4out of 5 for me – Hairsh Jonnalagadda, Android Central

In terms of memory management, this phone is equivalent to any phone with 6GB RAM or more. A solid 4 out of 5 for the phone – Abhinav Pathak, PhoneBunch

Galaxy C7 Pro has 4GB RAM – but it gives you a performance of a phone that has a 6GB RAM – Manas, Gaming Central.

It has good specs, amazing shape and it handles all the heavy applications really well. I think there are plenty of reasons for everyone to fall in love with C7 Pro – Jasmeet, Gaming Central

I love the camera on this phone. In my profession, we need a camera, a phone which has capabilities to shoot in low light situation and I think this phone is the one for it. A total 5 out of 5 for me – Gulzar Sethi, Ace photographer

It has a great processor and it performs very well. A rating of 4 out of 5 -Abhijeet Mishra, SamMobile

There’s nothing that does it better – Musician, Dhruv Vishwanath



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