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Ultra-Sun Pokémon and Ultra-Moon Pokémon

Ultra-Sun and Ultra-Moon Pokémon: Face Team Rainbow Rocket and all legendary


Pokémon : Find Giovanni and the old bosses in a team that looks like All-Star, made up of the biggest villains in the series.

We can say that the latest trailer for new versions of Pokémon is rich in information. The one that will delight first fans of the catch, it is certainly the announcement that all legendary Pokémon will be available in Ultra-Sun and Ultra-Moon. Each version having nevertheless their exclusivities.

For example, you can find Ho-Oh and Reshiram in the Ultra-Sun version, while Lugia and Zekrom will be exclusive to the Ultra-Moon version.








In addition to these reunions with these legendary companions, you will find some famous heads from the old versions, like the formidable boss of Team Rocket, Giovanni. The latter did not come alone, since he will be accompanied by Lysandre, Ghetis and the other former bosses of the different teams to form the team of ultimate villain, the team Rainbow Rocket.

The intentions of this last are unknown to us, but it will be necessary to gather a sacred team to manage to beat all these adversaries.

To train a little, you can go to the Combat Agency, which will allow you to borrow several Pokémon to practice fighting in 3 against 3. As fights won, you will win many rare items.

And finally, do you remember Dominant Pokemon? These slightly larger opponents will now be available to strengthen your team. To do this, you will have to collect the “Emblems of Dominants” scattered around Alola.


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