UC Browser is removed from Google Play Store, now what will you do

UC Browser disappear from Google playstore

UC Browser

The largest search engine Google has removed an important app from the play store. If you have trouble after Google’s decision. Actually Google has removed UC Browser from its Play Store. Let us know that UC is India’s sixth most downloaded Android app. According to a report, this Android app has completed 50 million downloads on Google last week. It is worth mentioning that UC Browser is the browser of China’s popular company Alibaba, which is used to use the Internet.

UC Browser mini is available on the Play Store

Although UC Browser mini is available on the Play Store, it has not been removed from Google. According to media reports Google has removed UC Browser from PlayStore because of Misleading promotion. Some reports also say that UC Browser has been temporarily removed from Google Play for 30 days. It will be restored again a few days later.

Banned in India

In August, the government had ordered the investigation of Browser in leaking mobile data of Indian users. In this regard, a senior IT Ministry official said that there are complaints against the UC that it sends the mobile data of Indian users to the server stored in China. There were also complaints that if the user uninstalled it or wipes browsing data, then its control remains on the user’s DNS.

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If allegations on the UC Browser are confirmed, then it can be banned in the country. Let us talk about app is a part of Alibaba’s mobile business group. Alibaba has made big investments in paytm in India. Apart from this, he has invested big money in Snapdeal too. UC-Browser had claimed last year that it has more than 100 million active active users in India and Indonesia.


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