Mukesh Singh Gehlot-Indian participate in Mr. Olympia (Las Vegas)

Mukesh Singh Gehlot belongs to a Jat family who comes from the village kakrola, Uttam Nagar in South West Delhi. Singh’s father Risal Singh was a farmer and mother Shyama Devi a housewife. He was inspired to take up bodybuilding by his friends and his family who themselves had a sports background.
Mukesh Singh also known as Indian Arnold, with minimal funds and poor training facilities for bodybuilding in India, his family made sure he obtained the necessary dietary supplements and financial support.
Mukesh-Singh-Gehlot-Indian Bodybuilder

Mukesh Singh Gehlot-The Guru Ji

Gahlot (born 1 May 1978) known as Guruji among his fans (born 1 May 1978, is renowned Indian bodybuilder, who represented the country in many international competitions and won many medals.
Mr. India title four times (in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012), which is also a national record He has won Mr. India title four times (in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012), which is also a national record. He is the first Indian to participate and represent India in Mr. Olympia (Las Vegas) in September 2017.

Mukesh Singh Gehlot-Graduated from University of Delhi

Mukesh Singh graduated from the University of Delhi. Guruji started bodybuilding at the age of 19 under the guidance of Dronacharya Awardee Shri Bhupender Dhawan. Mr. Singh made his presence felt by getting Gold Medal in Delhi University Championship in 1997, and never look back.
Four times Mr. India participated in many international and national competitions and brought glory for the nation. Few of them worth mention are silver medal in Asian Bodybuilding Championship held in Guangzhou, China, September 2012, among top 10 at World Championship 2006, among top 10 at Junior World Bodybuilding Championship held in Spain 1998, silver medal in the Senior National Inter-State Championship 1998 and won many medals at state and national level.
mukesh singh

Achievements of Mukesh Singh Gehlot

  1. British Open Powerlifting Championship 2012 – Two gold medals
  2. World Powerlifting Championship 2013 – Gold
  3. European Powerlifting Championship 2014 – Two golds and one silver
  4. Asian Bodybuilding Championship, 2012 – Silver medal
  5. Mr. India title four times (in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012), which is
  6. also a national record
  7. World Championship 2006 – Top 10
  8. Junior World Bodybuilding Championship 1998 – Top 10
  9. Senior National Inter-State championship 1998 – 2nd Place
  10. All India University Championship 1998 – Silver Medal
  11. All India University Championship 2000 – Gold Medal
  12. Senior Asian Bodybuilding Championship 2000 – 8th Place
  13. All India Railway Championship 2004 – Gold Medal
  14. World Powerlifting Championship England 2016 – Gold Medal

Interview with Mukesh Gahlot

Here is the Exclusive interview with Mukesh Gahlot, a video of TARUN GILL (Tarun Gill is an internationally certified Fitness nutritionist andAdvanced Personal trainer, helping millions get fit and healthy. Having worked in major Fortune 100 companies including IBM, GE, MetLife, HSBC, as a Marketing and Communications professional, he realized his true calling is fitness. You can watch his more videos on his Youtube Channel)

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