Suzuki Burgman Street 125-India’s new Maxi-scooter

Suzuki Burgman Street 125 is a Maxi scooter, now the word maxi-scooter means a touring scooter which usually comes equipped with higher capacity engines ranging between 250 to  850 cc and though we get lots of options to choose from among the Maxi scooters in the international market here in India the newly launched Burgman Street enjoy the complete Monopoly at least as of now.

Maxi-scooter means a touring scooter which usually comes equipped with higher capacity engines ranging between 250 to  850 cc

Suzuki Burgman Street 125

This maxi-scooter trend is not completely new towards Kinetic have already tried and failed miserably back in 2008 with the Kinetic Blaze but now things have changed, touring and exploring has become more for lifestyle and fashionable trend.

So does the new Suzuki Burgman have what it takes to come across as a proper maxi-scooter well let’s find out?

First of all, let’s start with the differences between the Suzuki Burgman Street 125 and the Access 125.

Prior to the launch, everyone was a lot of speculations doing rounds that the new Burgman is almost the same scooter as the Access 125. The Suzuki Burgman range of Maxi scooters in the international market are available with various engine capacities ranging from 125cc all the way up to 638 CC, so what slightly disappointing for me is that Suzuki might have given the Burgman 125 is slightly more power to complement its all-new dynamic design language which looks amazing on the road and offers tremendous road presence.

street 125

Now coming back to the point the Suzuki Burgman Street 125 gets the same engine as that of the Access 125, it also gets the same power and torque at 8.7ps and 10.2-newton meters respectively.

Now even the wheelbase is absolutely identical to that of the Access 125 at 1265 mm. The ground clearance is also the same 160 mm which is a good thing because we need not worry about the scooter bottoming out each time we come across speed breaker, tank capacity also remains the same at 5.6 liters for both.

So what’s difference!!!!!

So what’s the difference you might wonder!!! Well, seat height is slightly increased now at 780 mm for the Burgman compared to 773 mm of the Access 125. because of the bulky bodywork the weight has increased 108 KG is for Berkman compared to 101 kgs of the Access 125 and also the dimensions, I mean the height, width, and length are also slightly different for Berkman compared to that of the Access because of the superfluous design language.
The new Suzuki Burgman Street 125 gets Disk brake a standard compared to the Access 125 wherein the disc brake with optional. Tire sizes are also the same for both, 12 inches 90/90 tire front and 10 inches 90/100 tire at the back.
10 inches 90/100 tire
Looking at some other noteworthy differences the Burgman gets a fully digital Speedo console that looks modern and sporty the Burgman also gets LED lights all around with the LED headlamp and position lights that neatly encapsulated in the front panel and the tail lamp also looks quite unique and well laid out.

Suzuki Burgman Street 125 gets detached handlebar from the headlamp assembly compared to the Access 125 which gets standard layout reminiscent of other scooters in our Indian market.


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Under seat storage space is almost similar for both the Suzuki Burgman Street 125 gets 21.5 liters but as the Access gets 20 1.8 liters, however, the Burgman gets an extra compartment up front with the USB charging port will really come in handy. Both the scooters now come equipped with Suzuki’s Combined Braking System which is similar to the Honda CBS or Combi brake system. Now how does actually works is that even if you end up using only the rear brake the system engages the front brake automatically thereby reducing the overall stopping distance and also resulting in a safer and control braking mechanism overall.

Burgman gets an extra compartment up front with the USB charging port.

The design is the main USP

Talking about design, this is going to be the main USP of the scooter because it looks like a higher capacity scooter when ridden on the roads it almost feels like a 600cc scooter, as a result, it offers super road presence.

At least the youth of this day and age haven’t seen this kind of a design in recent times so we might see a lot of demand for the scooter initially.

125 burgman
I love the Chrome garnish on the front panel that lands the scooter super premium feel and I also love the windscreen that lands it proper touring scooter kind of look. The body panels are of good quality and they have been fitted well such that they do not clatter all over the place even at high speeds.
The profile flows beautifully and I like the way the side panels have been designed I love the sporty looking exhaust, it does also carry a sporty exhaust note, the tail lamp again neatly laid out there by completing a perfect design, by all means, the design looks are appealing from all angles and it gives an everlasting impression the moment you cast your eyes on it.
The front panels are neatly carved out to offers superb legroom and the best part of the forward set footrest that help you cruise on the scooter an ideal trait of a touring scooter
I suppose the handlebar perfectly positions to offer maximum comfort the switches of good quality but I really wish Suzuki had included Highway flasher you also don’t get a parking brake that would help the scooters stay planted when parked on inclines.
speedo meter
The scooter is powered by the same engine as that of the Access 125, we get a 124cc engine that puts out 8.7 peers of max power at 10.2-newton meters max torque.
I believe Suzuki choose to play safe by offering the trusted and proven access engine because they had to strike a balance between power and economy, had they offered more power I am sure the mileage would have taken a hit and trying to sell the vehicle without mileage here in  India is like trying to sell Samosa without aloo ☺☺✌.
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Final words-The perfect one-Suzuki Burgman Street 125

Nevertheless, the scooter-riding ergonomics are perfectly sorted out and very relaxing especially in the relaxed position when you stretch your feet onto the forward set footrest area the,  breaking is extremely impressive.
What do you think about the new Burgman street 125 please feel free to comment below.